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Live Featured Speaker Session

Carol Salva

Empowering Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Today’s education journey can be complex for any learner.  Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE) often arrive in our classrooms with minimal English. They may also struggle with varying degrees of literacy and content background. Do not dismay!  These students can not only survive, they can THRIVE in our grade level classes. It’s not only possible, it’s happening now. Come hear about practical techniques and that have supported these learners and the lessons we are learning from them.

Carol Salva is the author of Boosting Achievement: Reaching Students  Interrupted or Minimal Formal Education. She is a doctoral student with a Masters degree in Education Administration and a principal certification. She has taught elementary, middle and high school.  In addition to her ESL certification, she is a Certified Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Trainer and a Certified Abydos Writing Trainer.  Carol specializes in using researched-based sheltered strategies to teach grade-level content to unschooled/under-schooled language learners. With proven success including these students in content area classes, Carol is able to support teachers to make these efforts practical and to the betterment of the general population.