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Advocacy and Policy

Updates & Resources


Check out November 16th's Tea Time with MITESOL Advocacy presentation for updates on current state legislation and topics discussed for group advocacy action. Join us December 15th for our next conversation to collaborate on how to educate fellow colleagues, administrators, and ML's families about current laws that impact MLs!


Get Involved!

Check out the 2023 MITESOL Advocacy Packet! In this document, learn how to use the TESOL Advocacy Action Center, connect with state and federal policymakers, and more! This is a working document that will be continually updated, and suggestions are welcome if there is information you’d like to see included.

Advocacy Action Center


You do not need to be a TESOL member to use the TESOL Advocacy Action Center site!… Join in and support English learners and teachers today! 🙏

The Action Center is also available via mobile app: Download the Voter Voice app & search for “TESOL International Association” in the organization field.


Are you on Facebook?

Please join the MITESOL Advocacy & Policy group to connect with colleagues and stay informed!

TESOL U.S. Federal Policy Priorities for the 118th Congress

Review TESOL's official outline of priorities for our federal administration's attention regarding appropriations, elementary/secondary education, adult education, higher education, and immigration reform.