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What is the deadline for ad copy to appear in the Conference Program?         September 1, 2017

Will the Conference Program be printed in color or black-&-white?               Black-&-white

What file format/s are accepted for advertisements?                                        PDF

Where should I send my organization’s advertisement?

Email the ad as a PDF attachment to Exhibits Manager, Joanna Schrecengost, at                     


Exhibitor Registration

How do I register to exhibit at the conference?

Use our Online Exhibitor Registration Form, accessible via the main Conference web page. You will be asked to provide the name, email address, and cell number for EACH REPRESENTATIVE your organization is sending to the conference.

How many representatives can I send to the conference? 

As many as you want!  The first 2 representatives per organization receive complimentary registration.  Additional representatives can be registered for $45/each. 

If we’re sending ≥ 1 Representative to exhibit, does each REP need to register separately?

Yes!  You can/should register ALL of the Representatives on the same form. Registration is complementary for 2 representatives per organization.  You can register additional representatives for $45/each. 

Do Representatives who will be exhibiting need to register via “Conference Registration”?

No!  Exhibitors DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER via the general conference registration site. Exhibitors should register on the same form you used to order exhibition space at the conference.

Will Exhibitors be served food on Friday, 10/20?

Yes. We will be serving light appetizers from about 3:30 to 5:00 p.m., and then we will be serving heavy hors d’oeuvres at our evening reception, from 8:15-10:00 p.m., during which time we will also have entertainment.

How do Exhibitors/Representatives register for lunch on Saturday?

Lunch for conference attendees on Saturday will take place within the main exhibit area in order to provide exhibitors more time with attendees.  Exhibitors will be provided a high-quality boxed lunch to enjoy before the attendees designated lunch time (Turkey or Vegetarian).  MITESOL volunteers will be available both before and after the attendees designated lunch time to monitor booths if you would like to step away to enjoy your lunch.  

Will Exhibitors be served lunch on Saturday, 10/21?

Exhibitors will be provided a high-quality boxed lunch to enjoy before the attendees designated lunch time.  MITESOL volunteers will be available if you would like to step away from your booth to enjoy your lunch.

How do I know if I have successfully Registered to exhibit, advertise, or sponsor?

A confirmation e-mail containing an Invoice for the options you’ve selected will be sent to you from MITESOL’s website.  If you do not receive an automated email message containing an invoice within an hour of submitting your form online, please contact the Exhibits Manager. 

Who do I contact if I need to change my registration?

Joanna Schrecengost, Conference Exhibits Manager, at:

Who do I contact if I need to change the NAMES of the REPRESENTATIVES we are sending?

Joanna Schrecengost, Conference Exhibits Manager, at:

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding exhibitor registration that are not covered above

Joanna Schrecengost, Conference Exhibits Manager, at:

Conference Hours & Demographics

When does the Conference begin & end?

K-12 Pre-Conference Sessions:             Friday, 10/20     8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.          

Check-in Opens:                                     Friday, 10/20     3:00 p.m. 

Final Session Ends:                               Saturday, 10/21  5:00 p.m.

What hours will Exhibits be open?   

Friday 10/20:                                          3:00 p.m through 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, 10/21:                                     8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.

How many attendees are you expecting?         Approximately 400

What are the demographics of MITESOL’s attendees?

MITESOL attendees include graduate students, K-12 educators, teacher educators, post-secondary ESL teachers, and administrators, including those who work in Intensive English Programs, as well as college and university ESL programs. 

Exhibitor Set Up & Break Down

What if I am driving exhibits materials with me—where can I park to unload these materials?

Exhibitors and vendors may park to unload their materials at the main entrance of the Oakland Schools building. This area is for unloading and loading only.  No unloading is permitted after 2:00 pm on Friday, October 20.

Where should I park during the conference?

Vendors and exhibitors should park in one of the two parking lots in front of the conference center.  Parking is free. 


At what time does Exhibitor set-up begin on Friday, October 20?     

Any time after 8:00 a.m.  Set up must be completed by 2:30 p.m.

Will the Exhibits Area be locked when it is not open?

The Exhibits Area is located throughout the main traffic areas of the conference facility.  Therefore, it is not possible to lock up the exhibits area.  However, the only group using the building on the weekend of the 20th will be MITESOL, and the building will be completely locked down after the Friday evening reception, and not reopened again until 7:30 am on Saturday. Additionally, during conference hours, MITESOL volunteers will be available to monitor your booth, should you wish to step away. 

Do I need to bring my own electrical equipment (such as power cords, etc.)?

Yes. Plugs are located throughout the exhibit area; however, exhibitors need to bring their own extension cords and any other equipment that is needed to run their exhibit.

At what time can Exhibitors plan to start breaking-down on Saturday, October 21?   5:00 p.m.

Sending Exhibits Materials to the Venue in Advance

Where & when should I send the materials for my Exhibit?

You may mail exhibits materials to the venue in advance of the conference. Send them to:

Oakland Schools

ATTN: Suzanne Toohey

District and School Services

2111 Pontiac Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Promotional Materials for Attendees’ Folders

How many copies of materials should I send to be inserted into all attendees’ folders400 copies.

When and where should I ship my materials for attendees’ folders?

If you are sending promotional materials, to be inserted into attendees’ folders before the conference, please schedule them to arrive BEFORE Monday, October. Address them to:

Oakland Schools

ATTN: Suzanne Toohey

District and School Services

2111 Pontiac Lake Road

Waterford, MI 48328

Exhibitor Giveaway

Can my organization contribute to the Exhibitor Giveaway?

We would be grateful if your organization would contribute materials for the end-of-the-conference prize give-away.

When will the Exhibitor Giveaway be held?

The Exhibitor Giveaway will be held on Saturday, October 21. 

Where will the Exhibitor Giveaway be held? 

The Exhibitor Giveaway will be held in the atrium, the main exhibits area. 

Who will collect Exhibitor Giveaway materials?

Give your Exhibitor Giveaway materials to Joanna Schrecengost, Exhibits Manager, on Friday, October 20. 


Ad Copy:                                              September 1

Exhibitor Registration:                         September 15

Payment:                                               September 15

Promotional Materials needed by:       October 6


I missed the registration deadline. Can I still register?

You may still be able to register if we have space remaining in the exhibits hall. Contact Joanna Schrecengost, Exhibits Manager, at: to inquire about the possibility.


When is payment due for exhibitor/advertiser invoices?

Friday, September 15, 2017.  Any exhibitor registrations not paid by this date will be cancelled. 

How do I pay my Exhibitor Registration Invoice?  Do I need a PayPal account?

MITESOL accepts payment online only, via Paypal. Your organization need NOT have a Paypal account to use this service, however. You may use a credit card.

I am trying to pay my Invoice online, but the Paypal link is not working

If you experience technological difficulties when trying to pay your MITESOL invoice via Paypal, contact Paypal at the number listed (1-888-221-1161) or through the Paypal Help Center


We cannot attend the conference. Is MITESOL able to sell books on our behalf?

No. MITESOL cannot sell merchandise on behalf of other organizations.

Who should I contact if I have questions that are not addressed here

Joanna Schrecengost, Conference Exhibits Manager, at:

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