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October 2018 Updates

A message from your SIG Leader,
Austin Kaufmann:

A message from your SIG Leader,

Welcome to the MITESOL CALL Special Interest Group! This SIG is a community for any and all ELT professionals interested in Computer Assisted Language Learning and educational technology more broadly.

For anyone who is new to this SIG or interested in connecting with us, I encourage everyone to join our MITESOL CALL SIG Facebook Group. Within this online community, we share links and expertise, ask and answer questions, and offer advice related to educational technology, as it pertains to English Language teaching. Throughout the year, certain members volunteer to be responsible for submitting regular content , but any member is encouraged to post.

Technically, it’s a “closed” group, so you’ll need to “request” to be added to the group, but any interested ELT professional is welcome to join. One does not need to officially be a member of the MITESOL CALL SIG to join the Facebook Group.

-- Austin Kaufmann, MITESOL CALL SIG Leader

News, Articles, Publications & Discussions

TESOL Educational Technology Blog: Welcome! Inaugural blog post from a new monthly article series hosted by TESOL.

"Creativity and Digital Literacies in English for Specific Purposes" from Essential Competencies for English-medium University Teaching.

"Technology and Professional Development" from Wiley Online Library.

CALL-Related Sessions at MITESOL 2018

Friday, 4:00pm [Room 301]

"Using the TED Corpus Search Engine to Teach Pronunciation with Many Accents" by Pamela Bogart (UM)

Friday, 4:00pm [Room 302]

"Using Technology out of Class to Build Community in Class" by Kim Anderson (EMU)

Friday, 5:00pm [Room 320]

"What the Flip? Using Flipped Classroom Techniques to Reach All Learners" by Barbara Cohen (SVSU)

Friday, 5:00pm [Room 204]

"Curating the Hybrid Wheel for ELLs" by Rosemary Yacoub-Miketa (Henry Ford College)

Friday, 6:00pm [Room 304]

"Using FLIPGRID with CCSS & Accommodations for ELs" by Mary-Margaret Cornish (Ann Arbor Public Schools)

Saturday, 9:00am [Room 352]

"CALL SIG Meeting" with Austin Kaufmann (MSU)

Saturday, 11:00am [Room 301]

"Introducing iWeb: Exploring English Language Use with New BYU Corpus" by Katie Weyant (UM)

Saturday, 2:00pm [Room 330]

"Creating Original Interactive Digital Material with H5P" by Amy Larson (Lansing Community College)

Saturday, 3:00pm [Room 330]

"Improving Literacy in ELLs Through Digital Storytelling" by Melissa Bourgh (TESOL Educator)


FLTMag: A free magazine on technology integration in language teaching and learning

EdTech Mega Padlet: Great resource for finding ed tech apps. Careful! You can get lost down this rabbit hole!

EdTechTeacher: Fantastic online resource for all things EdTech; not specifically for language teachers.

Edudemic: Great source of articles and EdTech-related guides for students and teachers alike.

TESOL Technology Standards: This book, published by TESOL Press (2011) and  organized around student standards teacher standards, provides an easy guide through the technology standards and how they can be applied in the varied contexts in which language instruction occurs.

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